A wolf has been spotted outside of Broby

Several people have been in touch with Länstyrelse (the County Administrative Board) with pictures of a wolf that they have seen in northeastern Skåne. One of these is Moulay Fdili. He describes it as a memory he will remember for life. “I have only seen wolves in the zoo before”, he says.

According to reports from different people, a wolf is on the move somewhere between Glimåkra and Hästveda.
During Tuesday five people contacted Länstyrelse Skåne’s conservation department. They sent in pictures of suspected wolf trails in the snow and of the wolf in question. One of these was Moulay Fdili. He was on Glimmingevägen, outside of Broby looking at a house when he spotted the animal.
– My first thought was that it was a police dog, but after a closer look, I realised it was a wolf. I have had dogs myself, so I know what a dog looks like. And this was not a dog, says Moulay Fdili.
The wolf came walking along the road and then quickly disappeared. Moulay Fdili caught the wolf on film.
– This was a memory that I will remember for life. I have never seen a wolf in real life before, except at Skåne Zoo. So it was both exciting and interesting, said Moulay Fdili.

David Börjesson, a nature conservation officer at Länsstyrelsen’s conservation department, says the wolf is not uncommon. For a number of years, a wolf, which has been locally named as Snapphanen, has moved around the county. David Börjesson thinks it may be the same wolf.
– So far, we have not found anything that we can take DNA from yet, so it’s too early to comment. But it’s becoming more common that wolves find their way here, says David Börjesson.
What should you do if you see a wolf?
– Then by all means take a photo of the animal or its tracks, this works well at the moment because of the snow, so we go there and analyse its tracks. This would facilitate our mapping of the wolf, says David Börjesson.

Marcus Bornlid Lesseur