21-year-old sentenced to six years in prison for grave arson

The district court is unanimous in its decision that it was the 21-year-old who set fire to a pram in a block of flats in Tydingegatan in Broby. He has been given a six-year prison sentence.


The fire in a block of flats in Tydingegatan in Broby on 17th June could have had very serious consequences. There was a risk that people asleep in the building could have died because of all the smoke.

It is reported that the 21-year-old spent the evening with friends in Broby. Among other things, they had been drinking alcohol when they set fire to a car at the bus station in Broby.

Witnesses have said that the 21-year-old was unhappy and angry, his girl-friend, with whom he lived, had broken it off with him. She lives at the address where the fire broke out.
They said the man was aggressive, banging his head against the steering-wheel and the bonnet of the car, telling everyone just to wait and see what would happen next.

One witness heard how he knocked at his ex-girlfriend’s door just ten minutes before the fire broke out.
The girlfriend has confirmed this.

The 21-year-old has been sentenced to prison and must pay damages of 16,000 crowns. The money is in compensation for things that were destroyed in the fire and for clearing up after the fire.

Marie-Louise Lindell