Opinion poll: Are you going to vote in the election?


What will the result of the election be? Today is election day, and excitement is mounting. Kb Mosaik asked six people if they intended to vote.


Belal Elyasir, Norra Åsum:

– Of course, I have voted. It’s important to take part in the Swedish election and express your opinion and ambition for the future. Everyone must read the parties’ election programme and then decide which party to vote for. It’s important that everyone take part and vote.

Belal Elyasir, Norra Åsum. Foto Sofyan Aswad.


Bakri Rawas, Näsby:
– I’m going to vote on election day. It’s important to express my views freely and democratically by taking part in the election. If I don’t use my vote in the election, I’ll help politicians in the oppositin to come into power. So the election is very important, for me and for everyone else.

Bakri Rawas, Näsby. Foto Sofyan Aswad.


Amenah Alsaedi, Kristianstad:

– I have voted, because it’s important to vote. It makes Sweden a better place. We must take part to have influence so that our representatives can come into power and do what we want them to do for the community. I advise others to use their right, and vote. I’ve lived here for 19 years, but it’s the first time I’ve voted.

Amenah Alsaedi, Kristianstad. Foto Sofyan Aswad.


Abduqadir Ahmed, Näsby:

– I’ve voted already, because it’s important. It makes Sweden a better place. I’ve read about all the parties, thought about it and then made my choice. I’ve voted in three elections. I always take part and vote. My vote is important because it can give a party the chance to come into power. My vote can have influence.


Abduqadir Ahmed, Näsby. Foto Sofyan Aswad.


Waabari Ismail, Näsby:
I’ve voted for a good future. I’ve studied and read all about the parties and then voted. It’s important to vote, because it’s about shaping your life now and in the future. I’m worried about xenophobia.

Waabari Ismail, Näsby. Foto Sofyan Aswad.


Motaz Alsanji, Kristiansatd:
– I can’t vote in this election because I’m new in Sweden.I hope to be able to vote next time, for I know how important it is to take part in an election in a democratic country like Sweden. Voting in an election means that I’m using my democratic rights.

Motaz Alsanji, Kristiansatd. Foto Sofyan Aswad.


Mohamad Kanina

Sofyan Aswad