Blondinbella talked about everything from ABBA to ADHD

"I live a life that is extremely outsourced and un-Swedish", said Isabella "Bondinbella" Löwengrip at the trade and industry day. She spoke, among other things, about her business, her blog in five languages and her ADHD-diagnosis....READ MORE

Opening of Framtidsveckan with hope for the future

Framtidsveckan (Future week) has begun – and with it hope for a better future for everyone. Norra Åsum Kristianstad is part of the world. This was especially visible at the opening of Framtidsveckan, out in Wendes...READ MORE

Strengthened support for new Swedes who want to start a business

The desire to start a business is greater amongst people with a foreign background than amongst Swedish people according to a report from Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth). In autumn, the project...READ MORE

Sports clubs match friends over a cuppa

Newly-arrived and established Swedes can get together over a cuppa and then watch a match together. The first time will be when IFK Kristianstad play handball in the Arena on 21st October. The aim is better...READ MORE

Week for the Future to be opened

Music, films, a Family Day, a lecture on Hanöbukten, and more. The Week for the Future (Framtidsveckan), from 17th to 21st September, is all about sustainable environment and stable social relationships. Official opening at Sfi, Norra...READ MORE

Now seniors at Challan can get together too

On Thursday afternoon the municipality's newest meeting-place for the town's senior citizens was officially opened. The room at  Jacobs väg was filled with dancing visitors who got the chance to tell just what they would like....READ MORE

Family’s kiosk went up in flames

Linjekiosken in Näsby burned down during Wednesday. 'It feels empty and too bloody awful’, says Ala Salem who runs Linjekiosken along with his family. Kristianstad Ala Salem stands beside what is left of the kiosk on...READ MORE

Shots fired into a flat in Glimåkra

During the night between Thursday and Friday there was a shooting incident in Glimåkra. The police were called to the location at 00:25 am. Someone has fired shots into a flat. Glimåkra There were people in...READ MORE

Red Cross offers support for a better life

The Red Cross doesn’t only give help to people in wars and times of catastrophe. In Kristianstad the organisation has physical training for women and in the autumn there will be a cookery course. The language...READ MORE

Linjekiosken at Näsby burned down during the night. Pupiils were sent home because of smoke from the fire.

There was a fire at Linjekiosken in Näsby during the night. It was impossible to salvage the kiosk,so it was left to burn itself out. Pupils in classes 6 – 9 at Fröknegårdskolan were sent home....READ MORE