King Carl XVI Gustaf: "Don’t hesitate to ask - "What can I do for you?" Then we’ll have better integration”

King Carl XVI Gustaf believes that scouts are doing a lot of work for integration in many places all over the country, but he would like to see more scouts getting involved. He thinks we can...READ MORE

Moira Uggla: ”They threw coloured streamers all over the place, put on silly paper hats and sang”

Chronicle Moira Uggla: ”They threw coloured streamers all over the place, put on silly paper hats and sang” ”Oh, would some Power the giftie gi’e us, to see ourselves as others see us”. Scotland’s national bard...READ MORE

A dragon with power to attract – in Arabic too

Kjetil the dragon isn’t very big, and he gets teased about it. But being different can be a very good thing. Yhe opera ”Kjetil the Dragon” will be put on in Drakamöllans Gårdshotell in Maglehem on 5th...READ MORE

Åhus Beach is setting crazy records

1 393 teams. That’s how many teams are coming to “Åhus Beachhandball” 14th – 22nd July. There will be 7 000 matches with 17 000 participants. Åhus Åhus Beach is setting new, crazy records. – We’re...READ MORE

The July issue of Kb Mosaik is here!

You can read the new issue here:

Sune Friström: ”Gamlegården was a good way to get Filthy Sweden out of Kristianstad”

If a town has a special way of walking, then Kristianstad’s style is Sune Friström’s. With straight back and clear eyes, but somewhat older in gait, Sune Friström and the town walk along in step with...READ MORE

Head of driving school: People are furious

  Illegal driving schools are a growing problem, according to people in the business. ” It will soon be as big as, or perhaps even bigger than, the illegal taxi firms. There’s a lot of Money...READ MORE

Mother and father free

The district court has revoked the detentio order for the parents suspected of causing gieivous bodily harm to their baby, and of manslaughterter. The decision was announced by the court on Thursday. Kristianstad On Tuesday the...READ MORE

Camp a must for an inveterate scout

No summer without a camp. Tim Bauer and his daughter Marie agree about that. So they are looking forward to the jamboree in Rinkaby, when 11 000 will be taking part. Glimåkra As a boy Tim Bauer lived...READ MORE

SD defectors form a new party

After this spring’s turbulence in council politics, four defectors from SD are discussing a new start and a dialogue with the voters. ” We must put an end to this custard-pie throwing “, says Ulf Erlandsson. The...READ MORE