Signs of spring, flowers

 Spring is here, despite the weather. The light we’ve been longing for is coming back. With the brighter and slightly warmer weather, the first flowers, snowdrops and winter aconites, pop up in our gardens. Nordöstra Skåne...READ MORE

Hearts and semlor in February

Valentine’s day, 14th February, is full of rose-red hearts and a shimmering pink haze. On 28th, semlor ( cream buns) are the main thing. Kristianstad Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14th February. Commercial interests make more...READ MORE

Win tickets to a handball match in the Arena!

Here’s your chance to win two tickets to a handball match in Kristianstad Arena! All you have to do is answer three questions. All the answers are in articles in Kb Mosaik 8. A. What is...READ MORE

A new arrival gives  advice about Sweden

At ”Rådrum” (advice center) in Kristianstad Yaser Al Kafri works as an advisor. He answers questions about Swedish regulations and authorities. Kristianstad. ”Rådrum” is open for both Swedes and newcomers to Sweden. Yaser Al Kafri came...READ MORE

The New issue of Kb Mosaik 8 is out

Read the new issue of Kb Mosaik 8 here:

50 asylum-seekers can get trainee places

Projektet “Tidig matchning” (early matching) has been given 640 000 crowns by Länsstyrelsen Skåne (regional council). With the help of Kristianstad kommun 50 asylum-seekers can get trainee places both within the councils area of operation and...READ MORE

Dream comes true with needle and thread

The dream of running her own business again, this time in her new country, is still alive for Atrhaa Alkilidar. Thanks to the IQ project in Östra Göinge she has found new energy. Östra Göinge With...READ MORE

Dispute over cost of circumcision of boys

Region Skåne will no longer pay for the circumcision of boys if the operation is carried out for religious or cultural reasons, according to the Borgerlig Alliance, a right-wing coalition. They want the full cost to...READ MORE

Hospital staff can go to courses in pronunciation

Non-Swedish hospital staff will get courses to learn correct pronunication of Swedish words. Kristianstad There is a difference between “hälsa” – health, and “hälsa” – to greet, and “hälsa på” – to visit. The pronunciation of...READ MORE

More and more people ill from eating chicken

Kristianstad More and more people are becoming ill from the gastrointestinal campylobact bacteria, which can be found in chicken. This year 20 percent more people in Skåne than last year are expected to fall victim to...READ MORE
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