Parents to pay for boys’ circumcision

Region Skåne is to stop subsidizing the circumcision of boys. From 2018 parents must pay the full cost. Kristianstad Parents who wish to have their boys circumcised for cultural or religious reasons must pay a charge...READ MORE

Short night at Midsummer

When the sun is at its highest point in the sky we celebrate Midsummer. This year we celebrate Midsummer’s Eve on 23rd June. Kristianstad. During the Nordic Bronze Age we worshipped the sun. Some dances and...READ MORE

Early review gives faster access to jobs

Now it is easier for someone who has recently come to Sweden to review his/her competence. At you can fill in what academic competence you have and what jobs you have had. Kristianstad People with...READ MORE

Big Eid festival

Fast-days are over – celebrations in Tivoliparken A big Eid festival marks the end of Ramadan. On 30th June Tivoliparken will be filled with music, Swedish and Palestiniaan folk-dancing and food. And of course there will...READ MORE

New Swedish subjects – Kristianstad in top three in Skåne

592 people in Kristianstad commune became Swedish subjects in 2016 .On 6th June they were officially welcomed at Rådhus Skåne. Kristianstad In the country as a whole, 60 000 people became Swedish subjects in 2016. According...READ MORE

Weedkiller for millions stolen

Kristianstad A new type of crime is on the increase in north-east Skåne. Farmers are being hit by thefts of weedkiller. The thefts began in the south of Skåne, but have spread. – There is weedkiller...READ MORE

New arrivals take over threatened student café

The café at C4 high school was on the point of closing last autumn because it was unprofitable. So 19 students stepped in and run “C4 Kulturcafé” (C4 Culture Café) right up to the summer holidays....READ MORE

The Culture Centre scarf is finished

This summer a huge scarf will adorn Kulturhuset (the Culture Centre) in Broby, a scarf that the women in the “Magic Loop – Knit for Peace” group have made. Broby The idea was to knit a...READ MORE

Summer night filled with food

During ramadan, the fasting period every day is long, 19 hours in the south of Sweden. Late in the evening, food is important. And families exchange food with their neighbours. Näsby Abdullah Fallaha and his wife...READ MORE

The New issue of Kb Mosaik is out

Read the new issue here: