Difficult to find the right staff - a big challenge for 2018

It’s continuing to go well for Sweden and Skåne. But at the same time, there is high unemployment and in many professions there is a shortage of staff. Kristianstad In 2018, there may be 8,800 new...READ MORE

Students may have been married off

Kristianstad and at least twelve other communes suspect that students may have been married off during the summer holidays. This has been shown in a survey carried out by the newspaper Dagens samhälle. Stockholm – I...READ MORE

New bathhouse much more expensive – costs half a billion crowns

A new calculation shows that the cost of the new bathhouse will be even higher. One reason is that the consultant calculated with an error of 3,000 square metres. Kristianstad Estimated costs for the new bathhouse...READ MORE

Baby case: Father guilty of extreme aggravated assault

The father in the baby case is guilty of extreme aggravated assault of his daughter. This is according to the Court of Appeal who has also requested that he remain in custody and undergoes a forensic...READ MORE

New colleagues at Kb Mosaik

Shawana Badat and Sofyan Aswad new colleagues at Kb Mosaik. Kristianstad Shawana Badat translates articles into English on our blog, She was born in England, where she also grew up, and has been living in...READ MORE

Prosecutors called for eight years imprisonment for trio

On Monday the main proceedings regarding the assassination attempts on a 40-year-old man were concluded at the district court. The prosecutor called for eight years imprisonment for all three involved. They will remain in custody until...READ MORE

Hectic day for Kristianstad's Lucia parade

This year’s Lucia, Carolina Lind, and her six attendants woke up early in the morning. Today’s first parade was at the Grand Hotel in Kristianstad. Kristianstad Then a packed Wednesday continued with parades at the Holy...READ MORE

Chronicle Sofyan Aswad: Community, good food and nice Christmas presents – appreciate it

Many long for Christmas and see it as one of the highlights of the year. For many Christmas is about the community, good food and nice Christmas presents. But there are those who want to avoid...READ MORE

Better careers advice for young people

In Sweden there are 7547 kinds of job. Some of them are relatively unknown to most people. Heidi Bein and Martina Johansson in the DUA project want young people to get better careers advice. Kristianstad Sora...READ MORE

Schools in Östra Göinge climb the ranks in new survey

In a new comparison of primary schools in Sweden in 2017, Östra Göinge has climbed to position 181. The comparison is carried out by Sweden’s communes and county councils, SKL. Östra Göinge   This is an improvement of 35 places compared to the previous...READ MORE