Qalinle wants to make changes in society

Qalinle Dayib has always been interested in social questions. “I want to create conditions so that everyone can influence his/her own life. So that they feel part of our common society.” Kristianstad Why did you go...READ MORE

A prince with exciting stories

“The little prince” is a story about a pilot who is forced to land his plane in the desert, where a little prince turns up. The play is coming to Kristianstad Theatre on 15th November at...READ MORE

Strong women hailed in new design

Strong women in Nigeria and his own daughter laid the foundations of Waxiu Shehu’s struggle for equality. Add to that his interest in fashion and design, and the result was his own label “Strng Wmn”. On...READ MORE

Burkini recognised as swimwear in Tivolibadet

Burkini, long trunks, short trunks, bikini or one-piece swimsuit. Tivolibadet has made a list of five types of swimwear that are acceptable if you want to take a dip. Kristianstad What exactly is swimwear? You might...READ MORE

Big pay difference between men and women

The differences in salary between men and women are still big. This is shown in a study by Länsstyrelsen Skåne (Skåne’s administrative board). Skåne Skåne’s administrative board has published new statistics over equality between men and...READ MORE

Film festival celebrates its tenth anniversary

This year Kristianstad’s own film festival, Bionalen, celebrates its tenth anniversary. With the theme ’locally produced’ as its base there are several films of current interest which reflect on the state of society. Kristianstad Among the...READ MORE

The October issue of Kb Mosaik is here!

You can read the new issue here:

Chronicle Qaali ali Shire: "Here in Sweden you can do as you like"

It’s a difficult choice. No matter what we do, there will be problems, whether we choose to go swimming in a swimsuit or a burkini.If we swim in a burkini here in Sweden with native Swedes,...READ MORE

NMR leader Simon Lindberg released

On Saturday Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen, NMR, (Nordic Resistance Movement), demonstrated in Göteborg. The police arrested about 20 people in connection with the Nazi demonstration. Now the leader, Simon Lindberg, has been released by the police in Göteborg....READ MORE

Investigation complete into death of mother of twins

CSK bears no responsibility for the death in childbirth of mother-of-twins Lara Salem Yousef Al-Jizani in February. This is shown in an investigation carried out by the hospital. But there is a shortage of midwives. Kristianstad...READ MORE