Many people want to help the twins’ father

A collection has been started on Facebook to support the father in Bromölla whose wife died recently after giving birth to twins at CSK. The man was left with four small Children. Kristianstad Ingela Hansson, chairman...READ MORE

"Life goes on – for the sake of the children"

The funeral is over. More than a thousand people attended it. Now it’s back to the usual daily round, both for the two sets of twins who lost their mother and for their father who is...READ MORE

Music school on tour to let pupils try out instruments

Östra Göinge For three days music teachers from Östra Göinge music school will visit various places in the commune. All pupils who are interested in starting to learn to play an instrument will get the chance...READ MORE

Somali teacher is now a bus driver

Abdi Ali Hassan owned a big shop and was a teacher in Somalia. In Sweden he can’t work as a teacher, so he has chosen to be a bus driver instead. He enjoys his work. Kristianstad...READ MORE

Moira is still going strong

As a retired teacher Moira Uggla still wants to cultivate her interest in languages. She holds language classes and she translates articles in KB Mosaik to English. To just “sit and watch the grass grow” is...READ MORE

Time to nominate Göing of the Year

Last year it was Beverly Wiik who had the honor of being awarded the title ”Årets Göing” (Göing of the Year). Now is your chance to nominate somebody who has done something positive for Östra Göinge...READ MORE

Win tickets to handball in the Arena!

Here comes another chance for you to watch handball, on 21st March. All you have to do is answer three questions. All the answers are in articles in Kb Mosaik.  A Which of these flowers blooms...READ MORE

Stretching women’s limits

International Women’s Day is celebreated on 8th March every year. The day is celebrated to obtain attention to inequality and the situation of women all over the world. Kristianstad. Women’s Day was started in 1910 by...READ MORE

More and more travel by bus

Last year a total of 1 274 560 people traveled by bus in Östra Göinge commune. Östra Göinge. –  We take the statistics straight from our ticket machines, Emma Svensson, business manager at Skånetrafiken, tells us....READ MORE

The New issue of Kb Mosaik 9 is out

Read the new issue of Kb Mosaik 9 here: