The Macho Factory gives pupils the courage to be themselves

Is it ok for boys to wear make-up? Why can girls cry but not boys? The Macho Factory makes pupils take a standpoint in difficult or sensitive questions. Kristianstad Five girls in class 7 at Slättängs...READ MORE

National Day celebrated in rememberance of Gustav Vasa

Sweden's National Day 6th June was first celebrated 1893 to commemorode Gustav Vasa's being chosen as king 1523. The Commemoration of the government reform of 1890 is also celebrate on the same date. Stockholm [caption id="attachment_9231"...READ MORE

Survey: What is it like for you as a newly-arrived graduate to try to find a job?

It can be difficult for newly-arrived graduates to find a job in Sweden. The EU project Nana will help them out on to the labour market. Nana stands for ”Nyanlända Akademiker Närmare Arbetsmarknaden” (newly-arrived graduates closer...READ MORE

A flower on Mother's day

A pretty flower, a dinner, a couple of movie tickets, a nice picnic. In Sweden Mother's Day is celebrated the last Sunday of May, this year on May 27th. Kristianstad The day is not an official...READ MORE

Chronicle Mohamad Al Tormzawi: ”You’ve only got one life - find your own way and your Butterfly effect”.

After many hardships I came to Sweden in 2014. Then the question suddenly arose: How can the wounds heal, how can you start afresh and make a new life for yourself amidst all the conflicts that...READ MORE

Kulturnatt Kristianstad with 87 events has something for everyone

Try dancing, look at art, listen to music. There are 87 different events on the programme for Kulturnatt (Culture Night) Kristianstad on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May. Kristianstad Culture Night is being arranged for the...READ MORE

Göing of the Year: Ingela Winther – a ray of sunshine

”You must live here and now and do things you enjoy while you’re able” That is Ingela Winther’s motto. Östra Göinge She likes to be able to help others and spread a little sunshine. She was...READ MORE

WIN entry-fee for Hanaskog Runt race!

Take the chance to bring the kids along and have an outing to Hanaskog Runt. There are classes for children and adults, for those who just want to walk as well as for serious runners. Kb...READ MORE

Exercise for the whole family - raffle for entry-fees to Hanaskog Runt!

Walking, jogging and running are good for your health. Doing it along with others is even more fun. For a number of years Hanaskog IS has arranged Hanaskog Runt, to be held this year on 2nd...READ MORE

Patience and sympathy with others the purpose of Ramadan

Every year Muslims all over the world fast for a month during Ramadan. During Ramadan Muslims should learn patience and the importance of being kind to others. Kristianstad Ramadan begins on 16th May. Here in Sweden...READ MORE